Welcome To HIMALI Project

High Mountain Agri-business and Livelihood Improvement (HIMALI) Project, with the grant assistance of the ADB is intended to increase the income and employment of high mountain people through the value chain development of their agricultural, livestock and NTF products and improve the rural household livelihoods in high mountain districts of Nepal. The project aims to achieve it by stimulating private sector agribusiness development through provision of Agribusiness Grant Assistance to eligible farmers, farmers groups, cooperative, and other related entrepreneurs or enterprising bodies having qualified and commercially viable plans for production, product aggregation, quality improvement, processing, value adding and marketing.

Project Components

  • Mountain agribusiness development
    Mountain agribusiness development will increase the number of commercially viable and sustainable mountain agribusinesses and farmer group, and strengthen value chain linkages.

  • Value chain capacity development
    Value chain capacity development will rehabilitate and strengthen selected MOAD district facilities to improve capacity to meet demand for improved crop and livestock genetics, post-harvest quality services, climate adaptive community forestry, rangeland and technology demonstrations as public-private partnerships.

  • Project management
    Project management will ensure the project is managed, monitored and evaluated effectively.
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